Chelsea Chelew, LMFT

Psychotherapy Services

I offer between 60 and 120 minute therapy sessions for individuals and couples, 16 years and older

Having more time in our sessions can be very beneficial. It allows for deeper exploration, insight and restructuring, and space to feel and experience underlying emotions. I find that when people put in more time and energy up front, there are undeniable payoffs in the long run for your mental, emotional and relational health.

I deeply value the work in couples therapy and find that it can be extremely valuable for people who need help communicating honestly, working through past or present wounds with their loved ones, repairing conflict, and increasing emotional closeness. Anxiety and tension are natural responses when we are feeling threat, distance, or are misunderstood in our most intimate relationships. I help each partner regulate their anxiety in the moment in order for their words to be clear and heard by one another. I guide couples to be more tender and attentive to one another, which helps break through stuck points and can be deeply reparative. When able to communicate authentically, we quickly get to the root of the issues. While privileging the love in the room, you can find that exploring your relationship more deeply can turn into one of the most rewarding aspects in life. By doing this in a safe way, you can experience resolve and feel emotionally closer to those you love.

What can you expect in our sessions?

In our sessions you can expect to have meaningful conversations about difficult areas in your life that you want to look at. With patience and love, we uncover and shine light on your patterns and defenses that you want to change or are no longer serving you. You might be navigating a huge life transition that you need support processing emotionally and someone safe to do that with. You might be dealing with a physical illness or an eating disorder that you want to recover from. I have expertise working with people who come in with these challenges and I have witnessed tremendous growth in my clients.

I regularly engage in supervision groups and trainings with other professionals in the ISTDP community. ISTDP stands for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. It is found to be very effective with people struggling with physical symptoms, self-punishing tendencies, repression, fragility in emotion regulation, anxiety and depression. For supervision and training purposes, I ask to video record therapy sessions. Your confidentiality and consent is always respected.

My fee is $175 for 60 minutes, $260 for 90 minutes, and $325 for 120 minutes. Please reach out if a reduced rate is needed.

I do not take insurance in my practice. If you do see me on your insurance website, it is because I am contracted with Path Mental Health and hold a small number of insurance-based clients through Path. If you need to use insurance, I recommend going to and filling out an intake form. You can request to work with me specifically if I am listed as ‘taking new clients’. I do not hold a waitlist for insurance-based clients, but feel free to keep checking my status at Path or contact me about a reduced rate.

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